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Zero Stress Selling by Sue Kasson - Book review

Zero Stress Selling

7 No-Fail Strategies to Lose Your Stress Now

By: Sue Kasson

Published: December 19, 2011
Format: Paperback, 110 pages
ISBN-10: 0984847936
ISBN-13: 978-0984847938
Publisher: Sue Kasson LLC

"Our journey together towards your thriving, full and successful practice will be simple yet practical - 5 no-fail strategies to help you achieve your goal of filling your practice with your ideal clients", writes specialist in helping business owners get more clients, Sue Kasson in your concise and results oriented book Zero Stress Selling: 7 No-Fail Strategies to Lose Your Stress Now. The author describes her five proven techniques for creating what she calls a Zero Stress Sales System, along with some handy tips for achieving success with the system in any type of practice.

Sue Kasson recognizes that many professional practices are already doing well at discovering and landing new clients. The author points out, however, that the entire process can be made less stressful and time consuming through the application of a proven and effective system. While the current marketing approach may be working, a system will improve sales results more quickly and much more profitably. Sue Kasson demonstrates how to set up the Zero Stress Sales System that not only attracts more customers, but also focuses on building long term relationships with the ideal customer for the practice.

Sue Kasson (photo left) understands that concentrating on the five most important sales and marketing activities will yield the highest revenue and profit. The author offers her five targeted strategies that are not only inexpensive, or even free, but are highly effective as well. For Sue Kasson, the key to the Zero Stress Sales System is a well designed website, complete with a blog.

With this major strategic component in place, the author then expands her advice to encompass all five of the Zero Stress Sales System strategies for success. With the proven advice offered by the author, more ideal customers will begin their relationship with the practice, freeing time for providing better service to the customers.

For me, the power of the book is how Sue Kasson offers a proven system for attracting the most desirable customers and clients to the practice. All too often, the emphasis is placed on simply selling to anyone who qualifies as a buyer. That approach creates stress in the business person from selling to less than ideal clients. At the same time, the non-ideal customer is less likely to establish a long term relationship with the practice.

Sue Kasson's concepts remove this unnecessary stress, making the business relationship more pleasurable and also more mutually beneficial for everyone. The book is very engaging and user friendly, with the strategies set out in easy to understand and follow chapters. Overall, this book will boost the cash flow and profitability of any business that follows the Zero Stress Sales System strategies.

I highly recommend the very practical and profit building book Zero Stress Selling: 7 No-Fail Strategies to Lose Your Stress Now by Sue Kasson, to any business owner or professional practice that is seeking an effective and simple to apply system for attracting the ideal customer to the practice. This book takes the guess work out of building an ideal clientele, and creates the time for strengthening the bonds with those ideal customers.


If you enjoyed these tips about article marketing and would like more practical sales and marketing strategies, visit Zero Stress Selling today. Sue Kasson is known for her relaxed and authentic customized client enrollment and sales conversion training.

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