dimanche 19 février 2012

Thanks for the Memories

After reading a sugar-coated version of Bill Clinton's career in Esquire mag, and a seeing a sanitized PBS rewriting of his presidency, Andrew Ferguson recalls a few less flattering details about the man that include illegal fundraising, multiple felonies, lying under oath, paid-for pardons and oh yeah, a pathetic and demeaning sex life.

Those were the days.

UPDATE: From the article:
The common view of Clinton’s impeachment, like the common view of his presidency in general, is exquisitely wrong. The distance of time and the stilling of passions haven’t made the case assembled by Starr look more trivial and absurd; if anything the case today looks even more compelling to someone who, at this remove, can go through it with a disinterested eye. And the defense mounted by the president’s lawyers and publicists, a tissue of misdirection and question-begging, looks flimsier than ever. The public’s middling attention span, its impatience with legal nicety, its lack of familiarity with routine prosecutorial methods, its horror at the sexual detail unleashed by Clinton’s law—these were bottomless resources that Clinton’s team exploited brilliantly and shamelessly. 

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