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Spacecraft Systems Engineering, 4th Edition - Edited by Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd & John Spark - Book review

Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Fourth Edition

Edited by: Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, John Stark

Published: September 27, 2011
Format: Hardcover: 724 pages
ISBN-10: 047075012X
ISBN-13: 978-0470750124
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

"This book is concerned with spacecraft systems. The variety of types and shapes of these systems is extremely wide. When considering spacecraft, it is convenient to subdivide them into functional elements", write editors Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, and John Stark in the revised and updated edition of their definitive and comprehensive book Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Fourth Edition. The editors provide a complete overview, with contributions from leading experts, of the design and application of spacecraft over a wide range of space missions and space science.

Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, and John Stark offer a series of essays, written by recognized authorities, that examine the front end system level issues surrounding spacecraft engineering. These systems issues include the space environment, mission analysis, and overall system engineering principles. The contributors also present subsystem elements that form the basis of design and implementation of spacecraft. These core elements include the mechanical, electrical, and thermal attributes, along with propulsion and control systems. The editors emphasize the interrelationship between each of these diverse elements, as they form the context of the spacecraft design process.

Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, and John Stark offer a systems approach to spacecraft engineering. The chapters divide the overall system into subsystems, creating an integrated process. The spacecraft itself, composed of subsystems, is also part of a larger overall system. With this framework in place, the editors bring together the various subsystems into a complete systems overview.

The book covers the following general areas, in a comprehensive overview of the entire systems process:

* The space environment
* Propulsion and launch vehicles
* Spacecraft design
* Spacecraft subsystems
* Telemetry, communications, and command
* Ground based systems
* Spacecraft assembly
* Product assurance
* Spacecraft system engineering

For me, the power of the book is how Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, and John Stark presents a series of very high quality articles that cover the technical aspects of designing, developing, and implementing a complete spacecraft system. The contributors cover each step in the overall process of applying a front end system level issues to complete and fully integrated spacecraft systems.

The wide range of disciplines and concepts, as well as the essential equations and space science, combine to make this a landmark book for students, faculty, or practicing space engineers and scientists. The book also offers real value to business leaders in all aspects of space related engineering, insurance, and finance.

I highly recommend the fantastic and landmark book Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Fourth Edition edited by Peter Fortescue, Graham Swinerd, and John Stark, to any graduate and undergraduate students, engineering and science faculty members, professional engineers, space scientists, business leaders, and government policy makers who are serious about the design, manufacturing, and implementation of complete spacecraft systems. This book provides not only the basics of fully integrated spacecraft systems, but the advanced knowledge required to implement a complete spectrum of space mission applications as well.

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