mercredi 8 février 2012

Portable NVU 1.0 Rev 5 by GS

                              MOBILE VERSION OF THE HTML EDITOR

Portable NVU 1.0 Rev 5

The freeware Nvu Portable is the mobile version of the HTML-editor Nvu that does not require any installation.........

The free portable version of Nvu is based on the official build of the free HTML-editor but is specially optimized for mobile usage, for example in a USB flash drive and it does not need to be installed. The HTML-editor Nvu is open-source and is based on the Gecko-engine of Mozilla. The free program has a graphical interface in which you can input text, pictures and tables quickly onto your own HTML-page. The creation of forms is also very simple. HTML-professionals have a code-view for programming of a homepage and the editing of multiple pages is simplified through practical registers. 


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