samedi 11 février 2012

Portable Kalkules by GS

                                                       SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR

Portable Kalkules

Kalkules is an universal scientific calculator. It comes with many nontraditional functions and builtin tools designed to make your calculations easier and faster. This is a portable version.

Kalkules is an universal scientific freeware calculator with an amount of nontraditional functions, which can be used particularly by high school or university students. It also offers a wide range of tools, which make your calculations easier and faster............

Main Tools:

Kalkules tools extend its capabilities and enable you to process more specific calculations. New tools become available regularly.

- Function graph: A tool for drawing graphs of continuous functions. It enables moving and zooming the whole graph, or just in one axis. The graph can be displayed in cartesian, goniometric or custom coordinate system.

- Polynomials: A tool for adding, subtracting and multiplying two polynomials, dividing polynomial by polynomial and polynomial exponentiation.

- Combinatorics: A tool for quick processing of basic combinatorial calculations.

- Series summation / product: A tool for fast calculating summations or products of finite number series.

- Rule of three: A tool for solving problems with direct or inverse proportion.


* evaluating whole expressions ( ex: 5 + 10 / 3 )
* drawing function graphs
* calculating with real complex or modulo numbers
* calculating in four number systems: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal
* calculating with fractions ( ex: 5 / 2 + 1 / 3 = 17 / 6 )
* calculating with polynomials
* evaluation history
* unlimited count of brackets in the expression
* wide range of arithmetic goniometric and hyperbolic functions
* using self-named variables ( ex: radius, volume, ... )
* inserting some of the predefined constants + ability to define your own constants
* inteligent percentage calculations
* and much more...


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