mercredi 15 février 2012

Obama's Lawlessness

Rivkin and Whelan explain how and why Obama's edict to Catholic institutions to provide birth control to employees is flat-out illegal.

This is contemporary progressivism at its totalitarian worst.

UPDATE: Eugene Robinson informs his readers that Obama's "war on religion" has been made up out of "thin air." Perhaps "war" is too strong a word. "Arrogant contempt for" is a better, more accurate phrase.

Robinson writes that GOP presidential candidates "know better; they're just cynically pandering to religious conservatives." Of course he is wholly ignoring that it is the president who is cynically (and illegally) pandering to his liberal base of abortion-on-demanders.

But what do you expect from someone who feels competent to publicly pass judgement on how Rick Santorum and his wife grieved after the death of their child.

"It's not just weird. It's very, very weird."

Such casual indecency is not weird for our progressive elite. It's becoming more and more commonplace.

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