mercredi 15 février 2012

Morel hunting-another sign of spring

   Yes, it's still too early to get out looking for morel mushrooms. But those attending next week's Outdoorama, Feb., 23-26 at Novi's Suburban Collection Showplace can learn plenty about how to hunt, harvest, cook ad preserve morels.
   Morel expert Theresa Maybrier has been studying and picking morels since she was 17. She's even kept detailed records and journals about her experiences over the past 50 years.
   These mushrooms like warmer temperatures; between 60-80 degrees. They don't like especially hot weather, therefore, doing better in northern climates.
   Overall, morels are found in 22 states including Alaska and can be found in the spring as the ground warms and days get longer.
   Hunting begins in Illinois, Indiana, and other nearby states before gradually moving north into Michigan. Maybrier says we have some of the best hunting conditions due to all the forests and public land.
   Learn the correct way to hunt morels and how to help preserve this much sought after treasure by attending one of Maybrier's seminars. Happy morel hunting!

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