lundi 13 février 2012

"A Little Bit Nutty and a Little Bit Slutty"

Those were the words David Brook used to describe Anita Hill when he was a right-wing journalist. Now that he is a left-wing journalist and head of Media Matters, those words might well be applied to him.

Media Matters is a liberal interest group that works very hard to get non-liberals fired from media jobs for saying things disapproved of by liberals. Like Don Imus for instance.

The conservative Daily Caller pulls back the curtain on the modus operandi of the group under the leadership Mr. Brock.
“He had more security than a Third World dictator,” one employee said, explaining that Brock’s bodyguards would rarely leave his side, even accompanying him to his home in an affluent Washington neighborhood each night where they “stood post” to protect him.
“What movement leader has a detail?” asked someone who saw it.
Extensive interviews with a number of Brock’s current and former colleagues at Media Matters, as well as with leaders from across the spectrum of Democratic politics, reveal an organization roiled by its leader’s volatile and erratic behavior and struggles with mental illness, and an office where Brock’s executive assistant carried a handgun to public events in order to defend his boss from unseen threats.
Yet those same interviews, as well as a detailed organizational planning memo obtained by The Daily Caller, also suggest that Media Matters has to a great extent achieved its central goal of influencing the national media.

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