lundi 6 février 2012

Ice fishing school in new location.

   There is ice for ice fishing to be found in Michigan. That's why Mark Martin went to "plan B" and moved his annual school from Saginaw Bay to Cadillac. He also changed the name of the school to Inland Ice Fishing Vacation School.
   Beginning this weekend, students- who were notified ahead of time of the change-met in Cadillac to register and attend a seminar before heading out on the ice of Lakes Cadillac or Mitchell.
   "There is over a foot of ice out here," Martin said via telephone. "There wasn't ice on Saginaw Bay. Nothing you would want to walk on anyway," he added.
   Besides having ice, anglers will be able to park in adjacent parking lots and walk out to fish instead of riding on ATV's or snowmobiles.
   With smaller walleye being taken on tip-ups and eater-size crappie hitting, the fishing should be decent. "Some people were disappointed at not being able to fish the bay. But this is going to give them not only a variety of fish, but conditions too," Martin said.
   That variety includes outside bends, weeds and weed edges, conditions not found on Saginaw Bay. And instead of picking up and moving a couple of miles, on Cadillac and Mitchell that move could be just 50 yards.

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