dimanche 19 février 2012

Going Nativity

Nativity Dad Tom Castaldi had his faith restored when he got involved his children's Catholic education.
He needs it now more than ever.

My print column is up.

UPDATE: From Nativity parishioner Matt O'Neill:
Thanks for covering this story.  After reading your article and then attending 8:00am mass today, it was said (near the end of mass by the parish pastor at Nativity) that the Archdiocese will hear no appeal to the winning appeal from St. John's in Wallingford, and the decision by the Blue Ribbon Commission was final.  It will be a shame that an 100 year old tradition in the Borough of Media will end without a chance for Nativity BVM to make their case. I would love to see a follow-up article.  Thanks for listening.
Matt O'Neill 
Media, PA 

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