jeudi 9 février 2012

Dirty Mitch

The Eastwood-Chrysler Super Bowl ad got the America jobs story backwards. Amity Shlaes explains:
… the Super Bowl ad infuriates because Eastwood, like so many others before him, gets the story backward. What’s wrong with the auto industry is not that it failed to create jobs. What’s wrong is that it emphasizes jobs over general growth itself.
Even as the Super Bowl commercials were being readied, lawmakers in Indiana acted on the evidence and passed a right- to-work law. Indiana has plenty of union members, and it hurts to shut out union friends. The governor, Mitch Daniels, came under ferocious attack for backing this bill. The move took as much guts as any stunt in a Western. Yet Daniels, a gubernatorial Eastwood, signed the legislation. In other words, he stared the unions down.
Go ahead, make my day.
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