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Conversations for Creating Star Performers by Shawn Kent Hayashi - Book review

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Go Beyond the Performance Review to Inspire Excellence Every Day

By: Shawn Kent Hayashi

December 12, 2011
Format: Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN-10: 0071779949
ISBN-13: 978-0071779944
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

"Imagine yourself having fun - what comes to mind? Now consider what causes you to perform well at work. Does work trigger the same emotions that playing does for you", writes executive coach and founder of The Professional Development Group, Shawn Kent Hayashi, in her engaging and very practical book Conversations for Creating Star Performers: Go Beyond the Performance Review to Inspire Excellence Every Day. The author describes managers want to develop star performers, and provides the skills and strategies for sharing the most insightful conversations to enhance job performance.

Shawn Kent Hayashi recognizes that many otherwise top performing employees are not producing results at their peak potential. For many employees, motivation and engagement on the job are lacking, and the author provides the reasons why those excellent employees are not inspired on a daily basis. At the same time, Shawn Kent Hayashi presents the managerial skills necessary to really connect, in a meaningful way, with employees that goes far beyond the employee review level. The author points out that performance appraisals are only one of many aspects of being a successful manager or coach, and how engagement starts with having meaningful conversations with employees.

Shawn Kent Hayashi (photo left) demonstrates how to transform the workplace into one where employees are engaged, motivated, and performing at the very highest levels, as well as receiving high grades on their performance reviews. The author offers the alternative approach of coaching, in place of that of helper, to initiate and sustain real change in employee behavior. Shawn Kent Hayashi shares strategies for coaching employees to not only achieve a higher skill level, but also how to coach team members to grow and expand their abilities into other high value areas.

Shawn Kent Hayashi shares strategies for developing new and enriching conversations with every employee to enhance engagement and release the latent star within them. By asking the right questions, and teaching the right skills, the coaching manager will:

* Build effective teams
* Engage team members to initiate their own growth and learning
* Build new and rewarding skills
& Develop high producing performers
* Help those new star performers achieve even greater success levels

For me, the power of the book is how Shawn Kent Hayashi provides a strong and viable framework for developing star employees. The author combines that theoretical base with the hands on strategies and daily practices for engaging and motivating team members. The author's coaching model for employee skill development transforms the team culture into one that creates and rewards winners. The author also goes beyond the traditional employee review process and replaces it with meaningful conversations that engage and inspire employees to achieve success.

I highly recommend the essential and game changing book Conversations for Creating Star Performers: Go Beyond the Performance Review to Inspire Excellence Every Day by Shawn Kent Hayashi, to any managers seeking a road map toward engaging employees and transforming them into the star performers needed in today's highly competitive marketplace. This book will change the way you view employee engagement, and turn the often feared employee review process into productive and inspirational conversations with your new superstar performers.

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