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Tux Paint 0.9.21c Portable by GS

                                                            FREE DRAWING PROGRAM

Tux Paint 0.9.21c Portable

Otmechennaya prizes, free drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 years (roughly, kindergarten and elementary school). It features easy to use interface and fun sound effects. Cartoon character (Tux the penguin) will help children to learn the program. Canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help develop the creative abilities of your child...........

The simple interface. Canvas for painting has a fixed size, so that the user does not have to worry about "pixels" or "inches" when creating a new picture.

The program window can be scaled down to 640x480, but can also be deployed in full-screen mode, hiding the "desktop". (The default mode is 800x600, but you can run the program and in the windows of larger size, and choose landscape or portrait mode).

Loading and saving of images was performed using icons and do not require knowledge of file system. Even the file names are not required.

Drawing Tools



A variety of brushes

Parents and teachers can add a brush

Brushes can be animated

Brushes can change shape depending on the direction of drawing

You can create and use their palette to draw


Available in hundreds of photo and drawing dies

Parents and teachers can add stamps, and make the category

By stamps can add text to the description (names, facts, etc.) and / or sound effects

Stamps can be scaled, and turn reflect

Polntsvetnaya supported, with support for transparency (32-bit RGBA) raster graphics (Portable Network Graphics ("PNG"))

Supports vector graphics (Scalable Vector Graphics ("SVG"))


Use the brush tool "Paint"

During the dragging of the mouse pre-contour shows where the line will be drawn


Drawing various painted and unpainted polygonal shapes

Rotate shapes (this feature can be disabled when drawing young children)


Comes with a set of fonts

You can change the size and font style (normal, bold, italics)

Parents and teachers can add fonts

Support for many languages ??(see below multilingual input

"Magic" (special effects)

Mosaic - a mosaic made of the figure

Blur - move your mouse to that would blur the side of the figure

Bricks - paints a realistic, large or small, brick

Calligraphy - smooths the stroke by changing its thickness depending on the speed of the brush

Cartoon - make part of the picture look like a "cartoon" picture

Mel - "turns" of the picture in the drawing with chalk

Darken - darken the part of the picture

Distortion - distortion of lung images under the brush

Drip - makes paint on canvas "to flow" drops

Relief - the picture makes the shadows and lights

Fill - fills the space with the selected color

Coup - vertical division of the picture

Flower - draws flowers with a curved stem

Bubbles - move your mouse to the fact that to draw bubbles

Glass Tile - look at your picture through the glass tile

Grass - draws a realistic tufts of grass of different sizes

Kaleidoscope - drawing symmetrical brushes

Light - draw beams of light

Lighter - part of the picture brightens

Composition - draws a "metallic" colors

Mirror - Horizontal coup figure

Negative - invert the colors on the side of the figure

Rainbow - allows you to make smears rainbow

Circles on the water - it covers a circular pattern waves

Shift - shift the entire picture

Lubricate - smears of color, as if it had a finger on the wet paint

Change the color - the color to replace part of the figure

Waves - ripples cover picture

... plus, programmers can quickly and easily make a new "magic" tools with built-in interface!



Multiple Undo changes

Rollback itself may be canceled by pressing the "Return"


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