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The Road To Success by Nuensie Suku (Nancy Oakley) - Book review

The Road To Success

A Small Business Owner's Guide to Life, Financial Freedom, and Achieving Your Dreams

By: Nuensie Suku (Nancy Oakley)

Published: October 7, 2011
Format: Paperback, 236 pages
ISBN-10: 0983767610
ISBN-13: 978-0983767619
Publisher: Motivational Press, Inc.

" Many people associate having one's own business with undertaking a large amount of risk; the fear that if the business goes under, the business owner will lose everything", writes successful entrepreneur Nuensie Suku (Nancy Oakley) in her motivational and deeply personal book The Road To Success: A Small Business Owner's Guide to Life, Financial Freedom, and Achieving Your Dreams. The author describes her personal entrepreneurial journey and shares the practical and timeless advice that guided her business decisions and her life.

Nancy Oakley is no ordinary business owner. Beginning her life in her native Thailand, amidst extreme poverty, the author began her heroic quest to find a better life that led her to the United States during the tumultuous Vietnam War. In America, the author faced new challenges and began her entrepreneurial career. Nuensie Suku overcame adversity through a combination of hard work, sound decision making based on common sense, her strong sense of purpose, and a determination to make her dreams a reality. Along with her business advice and ideas, the author offers her philosophy of life, and her vision for creating a future of success and happiness.

With her straight forward thinking and personal commitment to her goals,
Nuensie Suku (photo left) became a prominent and highly respected business owner on the famous San Antonio River Walk. The author outlines her ideas on real estate investment, including some of the pitfalls that await the unwary investor. The author also describes her ideas on entering and succeeding in the highly competitive retail sector. All through the book, the author shares her philosophy of life, health, and happiness that inspired her way in life.

Partly business manual, partly guide to living a successful and balanced life, the book is packed with wisdom that can be learned and practiced by anyone. The author teaches empowerment and how to live a fulfilling life. That sense of awareness of life and balance sustained the author, and it will sustain and refresh other people as well.

For me, the power of the book is how Nuensie Suku (Nancy Oakley) combines her life story, her philosophy of life and living, and her secrets of business success into a seamless whole. The holistic approach taken to business and life by the author reminds the reader that life and business are intertwined and a balance between the two must be sought and found. For the author, business advice and wisdom of living are one and the same. For the author, a person cannot create and maintain a successful business without living the values that create serenity and personal fulfillment. The author teaches that operating a business is simply another aspect of living a good and complete life as a person.

I highly recommend the wisdom filled and inspirational book The Road To Success: A Small Business Owner's Guide to Life, Financial Freedom, and Achieving Your Dreams by Nuensie Suku (Nancy Oakley), to anyone seeking a refreshing and personal account of how a life of purpose leads to a successful business and personal satisfaction. This little gem of a book will provide the reader with a positive outlook on life, and the means to achieve personal and business success, without compromising values, principles, or life balance.

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