mercredi 11 janvier 2012

Portable Smashing Defrag 5.4 by GS

                                                EASY AND FAST DEFRAGMENT

Portable Smashing Defrag 5.4

A Simple Defragmenter, Easy and Fast. Defragment disk more efficiently and reliably, defragment and speed up pc with Smashing Defrag..........

Extremely Simple to Use Defragmenter

User-friendly interface makes our defragmenter do easy and fast defragmentation.

Defragment to Improve Program Launch Time

Defragmenter will accelerate the launch time of programs, improve the file access speed.

Optimize Performance Windows Defrag

Enhance performance windows defrag. Defragmenting will increase a 20% performance.

Highly Effective and Fast Defragmenting

A highly effective defragment algorithm does fast and exceptional defragmenting.

Detailed Defragmentation Reports

Detailed report for every defragmenting analyze and defragmentation action.

Data Safety and Reliability Defragger

Never lose data or corrupt your disk. Our defragmenter guarantees data safe.


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