lundi 9 janvier 2012

Local Shiver may not be too cold

   This Saturday, Jan. 14, Kip Lowrie of Woodland Rivers guide service will host "Shiver on the River," at Yates Park along the Clinton River.
   "The idea is to get some people out and fish for steelhead," Lowrie told me. "We'll have some coffee and donuts at the park," he added.
   Lowrie reports that the water is running fast but not terribly high. "I'm talking to you from the river right now," he said last weekend when he returned me call.
   Because fishing is a bit slower, this may be a good time for you to get over to Yates Park and get your questions about steelie fishing answered.
   What rod and reel, and line set up works the best. Which baits are productive and so forth. Festivities begin at 9a.m. and will conclude in the early part of the afternoon.
   Now to find those waders!

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