vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Lake "X" fallback lake for ice school

   Mark Martin has plan B in effect. That's just in case there isn't ice for his Ice Fishing Vacation School next month. For information visit
   For years the fishing on the Bay has been iffy at best for the ice school. Until this year, if ice wasn't good for the class, it had to be cancelled.
   "This year I've got plan B. I found Lake X," Martin said. In the event conditions won't be good enough on Saginaw Bay, all registered anglers will be notified of the change and given information as to the new lake.
   "I've checked it out and all of the services we need; hotels, restaurants, bait shop and most important, good lake access are all in place," Martin said.
   This Sunday's column has more information on the school along with the dates and a partial schedule as to the way the event will be presented.
   If you want to learn more about ice fishing, the Ice Fishing Vacation School may be a good bet. But you'll have to get your reservation in soon as space is limited.

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