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Employment Rage: What You've Lost and How To Get It Back by Howard Adamsky - Book review

Employment Rage

What You've Lost and How to Get it Back

By: Howard Adamsky

Published: January 18,2011
Paperback: 204 pages
ISBN-10: 1935254464
ISBN-13: 978-1935254461
Publisher: Norlights Press

"For a person who's unemployed, a typical day can be dismal. You awaken to a stark and jarring reality. You are unemployed and you must find a job. Soon. Money is tight, and hope is in short supply as well", writes recruiter, speaker, and employment consultant Howard Adamsky, in his no nonsense and results oriented book Employment Rage: What You've Lost and How to Get it Back. The author describes what is really happening in the real world of employment and provides proven strategies for employment seekers to land a job in today's difficult labor market.

Howard Adamsky understands what it's like to be unemployed. He has been there, and shares his personal journey through the anger, frustration, and disappointment of losing a job. The author offers advice to job seekers that worked for him, and for other job hunters as well. Not only has Howard Adamsky experienced the pain, guilt, and shame of being without a job, but he has been on the hiring side of the desk as well. The author's keen insights, into the needs and requirements of both the job seeker and the hiring manager, offer guidance to anyone seeking a job in any industry. Howard Adamsky knows very well that the well known employment tactics of the past no longer work. In their place, he offers job seeking strategies that work in the new reality.

Howard Adamsky (photo left) recognizes that people who have lost their jobs in the current dysfunctional economy are feeling stress and personal anguish. The author empathizes with those who are unemployed, and seeks to share his inside knowledge of how employers view candidates, to help applicants land jobs. Howard Adamsky covers all areas of the employment seeking journey to ensure that job seekers have the latest and most critical techniques at their fingertips.

Because Howard Adamsky considers both the individual and the job search, the book is divided into four sections. Those four parts are as follows:

* Exploring the pain of job loss in a recessionary economy
* Advice and counsel for job seekers of all types
* The author's own personal story
* Road map to the future of a fresh start and new job

For me, the power of the book is how Howard Adamsky goes beyond the standard advice manuals of job finding strategies and provides down in the trenches advice that works in a tough hiring environment. The author offers the actual facts of what hiring managers want in candidates, how their resumes should appear, and how to succeed in a job interview. The book is more than simply a job hunting guide. It's also a personal development book, where the author combines his own personal experiences, with reflection on the job seeker's own life. The author pulls no punches, and spares no feelings, when it comes to describing the state of the economy and its current dysfunction.

For Howard Adamsky, it's the economy that failed the individual, and not the other way around. This fresh approach to the human side of the employment equation helps people to overcome their personal feelings of guilt and shame, to become active in discovering a new job. The author also gives some very hands on advice as to how the employment market and hiring practices have changed over time. He doesn't hesitate to point out that what worked in the past is not only no longer effective, but is likely to result in even more frustration and anger during the job search.

I highly recommend the very hands on and real world based book Employment Rage: What You've Lost and How to Get it Back by Howard Adamsky, to anyone who is seeking to either find a job or planning a career change and is looking for some proven and effective advice. This book will help you to pick yourself up, refresh your vision, and land you that great job of your dreams.

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