vendredi 6 janvier 2012

DisplayFusion 3.4.1 Beta 7 Portable by GS

                                         CREATE DUAL OR MORE MONITORS

 DisplayFusion 3.4.1 Beta 7 Portable

DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr Integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things that DisplayFusion can do............


» Advanced Multi-Monitor Taskbar support

» Use a different desktop wallpaper image on each monitor

» Use a desktop wallpaper image that spans all monitors

» Randomly change your desktop wallpaper using local images or images from Flickr

» Drag or middle-click the taskbar of maximized windows to move them to other screens

» Auto-snap windows to the edge of your monitor

» Integrated image search & download

» Integrated image search & download

» Manage application windows with fully customizable hotkeys

* Move windows to the next monitor

* Move windows to the next monitor and maximize them

* Move windows to the centre, top, bottom, left or right side of the monitor

* Size windows to a configured size or percent of the work area

* Maximize windows so that they span all monitors

* Customize your own hotkeys to do anything you can imagine


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