lundi 9 janvier 2012

DBF Viewer Plus 1.65 Portable by GS

                                         DBF DATABASE TABLE VIEWER

 DBF Viewer Plus 1.65 Portable

DBF Viewer Plus is DBF database table viewer and editor plus some additional features for searching, importing and exporting to a number of different formats. DBF formats include dBase, Clipper and Foxpro. Open and viewing DBF File. Filtering on multiply fields to query data. Printing Tables and preview. Add, Edit, Deleting and Updating records.........

Search with partial and Case Insensitive options. Go to specified field (for tables with lots of columns). Table Info displaying Record count, Type, Language type, Records size, Indexed, Encryption, Last updated, fields and field types. This utility accesses DBF Files directly and can filter large tables at a reasonable speed.

Pack Table.

Zap Table (Empty).

Show / Hide Columns.

Export to formats such as CSV, PDF, XLS, RTF, WKS, XML, HTML, DBF.

Import wizard with field mapping.

Record View and editing screen.

New Table (Create a DBF File)

Open table using command line parameters

Set Table Type

Visual Count


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