dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Cqamper show heading into town, Feb. 8-12

   Campers have come a long way since tents were the only choice and sleeping on the ground was part of the experience.
   Now you can tow them, drive them or erect them depending on your choice and mode of camping. In fact many traditionalists disdain the use of the word camping for what folks use like motorhomes with all the conveniences of home, travel trailers and fifth wheels.
   "We're going camping next week," means many things depending on who you are. We still use a tent but have moved up to cots to sleep on.
   Cooking is still done over the Coleman stove but by using propane these days rather than the traditional white gas used for years.
   Propane has made lanterns and heaters almost a modern necessity replacing funnels and gas that used to be standard.
   Whatever your preference for camping, you are sure to see it or something like it at the camper show next month.
   Now what size hitch do I need for this new trailer?

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