mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Congratulations! It's Not A Girl!

A Canadian doctor has an interesting idea to prevent the abortions of baby girls: Don't tell their mothers that their babies ARE girls.
Doctors should not tell pregnant women the sex of their baby until 30 weeks into a pregnancy, one physician is arguing, taking a stance that is sure to be controversial. 
By not revealing a fetus' sex, doctors could prevent abortions related to the sex of the baby, according to Dr. Rajendra Kale, interim editor-in-chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The practice of "sex selection," or the aborting of female fetuses because of a preference for sons, is an issue in several Asian countries, and may also be done by some immigrants in Canada and the United States, Kale said.
Maybe doctors should tell them they're carrying puppies instead.

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