mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Bill Cosby on education: More funding is not the answer

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Dr. Cosby can't seem to get people to listen to his story in the inner city.
H/T to Caroline May at the Daily Caller

According to Cosby, the country can try as many education reforms as it wants but the real key is getting parents involved and concerned about their children's education. Cosby added that additional funding is not the answer to America's education woes.

Somebody better tell Chester Upland!!

According to Cosby, his mother was the one who sought out this teacher.

"For some reason, I wound up in the front seat directly in front of her desk," he said. "When I graduated from 6th grade, I went from low grades to all A's because this woman stayed on my case and she wrote on my report card, which I have today — this white Orthodox Russian woman, 4'11'' — 'I'm afraid that as William moves on to 7th grade' — which was junior high school — 'that if he does not have the same intervention, that he will slide back to his old ways.'"

"I am telling all you parents," Cosby said. "You need more Mary B. Forchicks in the classroom.

I have spent some time with Dr. Cosby, he has real answers. People need to listen and react.  He rubs elbows with some true power people and he shares his thought process by telling tales that hit home with there humor and truth. I shared my story with him of a nun who was the teacher in my life who made me reach higher. He used my story, slightly embellished, about 2 hours later on the stage he was doing his show on.  I don't see him as often as I use to, but when he speaks I listen, because he truly knows what is needed.

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