jeudi 12 janvier 2012

America Loves Tebow

For the moment, Tim Tebow is America's favorite athlete. Atheists hate that.

As Gen. George S. Patton (or at least the screen version) said: "Americans love a winner." But also: "All glory is fleeting."

UPDATE: Former NFL QB Fran Tarkenton, the son of a devout Pentecostal minister, has his own take on Tebowmania.
Although faith has been a part of football so long, a player like Mr. Tebow can still be extremely controversial among fans and pundits. But seriously, isn't it refreshing that the chatter around the NFL is about a great athlete with great character who says and does all the right things and is a relentless leader for his team—and not about more arrests and bad behavior from our presumptive "heroes?"
          Tim Tebow is the story of this football season, and a great story it is.
Just not the "Greatest Story Ever Told."

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